Web Hosting

Anyone who owns a company or business also need a website and if it doesn’t already then it might be time to consider one. It is only natural that all online businesses do need a website used for selling their products, marketing or offering their services. In the modern age, all businesses require websites and not only online businesses, local brick and mortar companies need to be at the very least traceable via the web as this is the place where people search for services or goods via mobile or desktops. While for many years word of mouth was the best marketing option, it now only gets businesses so far since it is the internet-focussed age.

Everyone uses Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines to search for services, discover new companies and to find new products since the operational hours never end and it’s the perfect way to find the lowest prices. Should your company not appear on any of the search engines, and here we suggest the first page, potential customers and clients will never find you. The fact is no website visibility, no business and no money. Web hosting is not only for companies and could be for an array of reasons.

Find the Right Web Host

Building an online presence starts with finding a web host, which is a company that stores website file on servers and then deliver it via a website to readers as well as anyone browsing for such services or items. Hosting services provide varying amounts of data transfers, email, storage and other features available via annual or month-to-month payments. It is quite important to first read up on web hosting tiers and familiarize yourself with the differences between dedicated hosting, virtual private servers and then take the time to analyse each feature and spec.

In shared web hosting the provider host several or multiple sites via only one or a single server. In this case site, 1 shares the same server as site 2, 3 and 4 and the benefit is that all shared the cost. While this significantly cuts expenses there is a downside since sharing a single server with huge traffic on site 1 could have an impact on site 2,3 or 4’s performances. Dedicated hosting is pricey but powerful, unlike that of several sites sharing, your business website is the only tenant on this server. Dedicated web hosting services you task business owners with handling all technical issues and handling the backend.

Similar to hosting of multiple sites is VPS hosting, although it hosts far fewer websites on each server and each uses its own resources, in which site 1’s traffic has no impact whatsoever on the site 2,3 or 4. People who wish to build their own business or any other site would use WordPress hosting, it automatically handles all the stuff no one wants to such as backend and the owner is not tasked with updating CMS or apps plus automatic backups are enabled.