URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Black Reviews

  • Fits Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Compatible With Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard.
  • Feather light Composite Construction and Impact-resistant Soft Core
  • 5-position adjustable aluminum stand
  • Air Vents Keep Things Cool
  • Easy Access To Touchscreen & Ports
  • Frog skin Water-resistant Grip Material
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) when used with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

Product Reviews

“If Urban Armor and Spiderman teamed up, this is what you would get!” – Jesse San Nicolas™ “Super Saiyan Geek”
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

This is what happen’s when you merge Spiderman’s suit with Urban Armor. You get the most solid, robust case the world has ever seen. Seriously, this is the best looking case I have ever seen for any device in my entire life. I’m not kidding. If the red case is Spidey’s suit, then it’s safe to say the black case is the Venom version!

And here are the answer to your questions! How nice of me right?

1. YES….. it works with the type cover keyboard on. Actually, it’s like a match made in heaven.

2. YES….. you can fold back the type cover keyboard write on the SP3 like a notebook. It actually feels even more comfortable with the Urban Armor Gear case on and keyboard folded behind it.

3. YES….. the 5 angles are almost perfect and cover almost the whole spectrum of the SP3’s kickstand. The SP3’s 5 viewing angles are roughly (eyeballing it) 80 degrees, 70 degrees, 60 degrees, 50 degrees, and 40 degrees.

4. YES….. the material they used is of another world… or at least of a supreme quality in my opinion. The kickstand is actually made of METAL.

5. YES….. it will will protect your SP3 from a nasty drop… At least it seems like it will. Sadly, I don’t plan on testing this feature out, at least not on purpose.

6. YES….. you have access to all ports (minus the microSD slot), and the cutouts seems perfect. They even cut slots all around the case for fan ventilation.

7. YES….. It makes the SP3 heavier, and it is noticeable, but that is the nature of the beast. I measured it weighing in at 14oz. Here are the exact weights that I weighed myself using a Stamps.com scale:

SP3 Naked – 1.12lbs
SP3 w/ Type Cover and Pen – 2.7lbs
SP3 w/ TC/Pen and UAG Case – 3.5lbs

Ok now that those questions are out of the way, here is my take on the case:

I LOVE IT. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD…. Enough said right? Just kidding. Enough rambling, I will let my pictures I took do the talking for you

Lastly, would I buy it again is always the real question right? My answer is a huge, enormous, astounding YES. YES… and YES again!

I would even pay the full MSRP asking price, over and over again, like that Nelly and Tim McGraw song! And I did, because I purchased it directly from Urban Armor, which is how I was able to make this review.

After all that you would have thought I bought this case for my SP3 right? WRONG! I actually bought it for my fiancee, since her favorite color is red, and she already had the red type cover, and is prone to dropping stuff, like expensive phones (cracked Galaxy Note 2) and laptops (Red Alienware m14x).

Since receiving this case, I have already placed another order via Amazon for the black version, for myself of course. I’m a big Spiderman fan, but even bigger Venom fan!

“Great Case!” – G. Willikers
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

What a fantastic case! My office recently began the process of migrating certain groups to the Surface Pro 3, and getting this UAG accessory has given everyone else a case of case envy. It has a rugged, yet stylish, appearance and, although I have not tested it, it’s good to know I can take the laptop everywhere it needs to be without concern for its safety. The rubber edges are especially nice as the SP3 can be disturbingly slick.
One concern I had after reviewing the photos on the Amazon site was that the magnetic keyboard had to lay flat on the table when the case was installed. I’m happy to report that the keyboard easily shifts and locks into the inclined position just as it does without a case.A small detail the designers took into account was the need to better hold the keyboard in place when folded up. The computer holds the keyboard flat magnetically, but even moderate handling can cause it to open unexpectedly. UAG included a tiny bungee cord in the upper corner to better fasten the unit.
Well done UAG, indeed!

“Excellent product, very happy with my purchase. check out my video review of it. […]” – michael akers
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

I have had this case for about 2 weeks now and love it. It is the best and only case I could find for my surface Pro 3. If you want to see how it fits and looks check out my video review. […]

“YouTube Channel Viewers’ Q & A concering UAG’s SP3 Case” – Tinfoot
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

When it comes to protecting my tech toys, especially expensive ones, from my small herd of sometimes crazed cat-ninjas, UAG has demonstrated to me in the past as one to rely on. This case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 continues to do so.

**Questions asked by a YouTube channel viewers**

“Will this case work with the Docking Station?”

Very good question. Not having the docking station myself (perhaps down the line when the price drops a bit), I did look around for extremely specific dimension specs.

The case itself adds 3.5mm thickness, using a digital caliper, to the sides (they are slightly inset from the corner ribs) and have all ports open, including the charging port. I never did find the specific dimensions I needed, the width of “play” the sides/back of the docking port would allow, but the very significant rear padding of this case would likely put the charging port out of reach. I had to use my slide rule caliper as it was the only one that would fit through the top cutout for measuring the back; it measures at 9mm of thickness, including the back ribbing. So no, I do not think this case would work at all with the Microsoft Docking station.

UPDATE 23Oct14 – Thanks again to Stamatos for giving feedback and confirming: No, the MS Docking Station will NOT work with this case. Simply too snug of a fit.

“Working the kickstand?”

The kickstand is adjustable. However, I initially thought it wasn’t… simply because it take a bit of extra effort to click the stand into the various positions. More effort than I was initially used to, more effort that I was initially prepared to experiment with. But it IS adjustable (and kind of loud – LOL)! The keyboard does work at the raised angle.

“Can I flip the cover around the back?”

There isn’t a front cover integrated with this case as it is designed to be joined with the keyboard cover. Once again, although I hadn’t realized it at the time of choosing, I find this an aspect I hadn’t considered in terms of the keyboard anyways, so it’s actually a boon. Plus UAG added in a small bungee corner strap to keep the keyboard in its closed position (nice!).

The keyboard cover can flip all the way around the back of the case so you can use your SP3 as a tablet. (Thanks to Chuck for asking and Stamatos for answering!)

I do love the feel and color contrast of the red/black, and this case is lighter than even I anticipated (I weighed it at 14 ounces) even with a metal kickstand, being about the same weight as a much smaller casing I use for my Samsung Tab 3. Another design choice that I haven’t seen in other cases are the heat-vent holes around the edges, and I am a bit surprised UAG doesn’t mention this in their product description.

All in all, I look forward to when my Surface Pro 3 finally gets to me from it’s continual back-order purgatory, and I can place it in this UAG case, confident that it will be protected from Matrix-Flipping cats. 🙂

— I received this as a complimentary review product with the aim of hopefully elucidating features and drawbacks that may help you ultimately decide what fits your needs and budget best.

“Surface Pro 3 (SP3) screens are thin & fragile, this is a must have!!!” – TechRep78
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

Bought this after the screen cracked on my SP3. Buy a warranty when you get this tablet people!!! The glass is razor thin to save on weight!! I was scared even pushing my new SP3 into this case because of how snug it was, but I felt a lot better after getting it installed. I thought I wouldn’t like the stand as much as I do because it is smaller, but it does a good job. If you use it on your lap a lot you may miss the stability the wider SP3 stock kickstand provides. This is actually one of the nicest cases I have ever owned for a tablet. For the price I was expecting something of a lesser quality, but I would say it is the best choice after using it.
“Industrial protection, may not be for people just looking to basic protection” – Stephen Lerch
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

Before you buy this for your Surface Pro 3, you need to decide a couple of things.

First, are you willing to deal with the extra weight? If you don’t want to add what feels like 1/2 a pound to your SP3, don’t buy this.

Second, are you willing to lose the endlessly angled SP3 kick stand for something not nearly as nicely engineered? It does offer all of the best angles, or at least all of the angles I tend to use, but it’s not as smooth a motion to put in place and it is LOUD. It makes a lot of noise when you deploy the kickstand on the UAG case.

Third, if you want to use this without the type cover keyboard, you will be lacking a bit of protection given the large cut out in the front of the case for the keyboard.

So why would someone buy this? For me, it really only makes sense if you travel a lot or want to put this into an industrial style use. Not everyone needs MIL STD drop test protection. It really is quite hardcore in the amount of protection it is offering. And I have to be honest, I am taking UAG’s word here. I have not, and will not, do a real MIL STD style drop test on MY Surface Pro 3. This is my life blood and I don’t want to be without it. In this, I am a pansy.

In terms of protection, the corners are robustly covered, the vent holes on the SP3 are open, and the charging port is simple and easy to get at. The power button, volume buttons, miniHDMI, front and read cameras, and USB port are wide, wide open. Charging definitely works, plugging a display cable in works, and my USB drive works perfectly. I can no longer easily get to my MicroSD slot though. That’s fine for me though, as I really just use it as a second permanent drive in my system.

The keyboard seems to be expected to be on the SP3, otherwise there is a large cut out of the front of the case. In all honesty there will be people who complain about this, as they may just want to use the SP3 as a tablet. This case will NOT be for you as there will be some missing protection.

The keyboard also still easily and quickly attaches/detaches and also sticks to the Surface with the magnet as you expect.

In the end, don’t buy this if you don’t want a bit of Otter Box oddness to go with your SP3. Only buy this if you really, really want the protection.

Five stars because it’s a great option to have, especially for industrial style use. For normal users that just want elementary levels of protection, I’d say this is more like 3 stars.

Sample provided for review purposes by UAG.

“The case is great. They type cover is able to be used …” – Matthew B.
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

The case is great. They type cover is able to be used in the raised position, extending the kickstand allows Surface to be used in portrait mode, the clicking of the stand becomes less annoying every time I use it. Simply a great case worth every penny. As others may have said, the first few times you install it, it is a bit rough to get all corners on but after a few times it gets easier as the material gets broken in a bit. Very satisfied with this!
“Flexibility defended: Easy to take off actually” – Lam
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

A robust yet flexible gear for Surface Pro 3. Robust — no need to add any words. A widely recognized fact. Flexible? Many people fail to see that, and complain it’s hard to install and, more important, uninstall and make it hard for them to use the docking system. The fact is, You can install it and take it off in seconds if you do it the right way. For me, I just slide the Surface in to the right-hand side of the case first, which will take care of the upper and lower right corners. Then use your nimble fingers press the Surface into the upper and then the lower left corners. Though those rubber corners are hard and sturdy, the surrounding area of each corner is actually flexible and will yield when you slowly press the Surface into it. Press against the two sides of each corner and your machine will snap in. It won’t harm or scratch your device. Reverse the procedure to take the case off. It’s just that easy.

I saw someone complain that his screen protector was displaced by the gear case. That only means the protector is not that secured. I recommend the Invisibleshield Glass. It really stays once getting on the Surface. It works perfectly with this case.

To many people, including me, the only downside is this case sacrifices the original kickstand — one major selling point of the device. If this is a deal breaker for you, you should buy the Moko case instead, the only one as I know that genuinely allows you to use the kickstand, although far more flimsy and not as stylish. Yet UAG makes a not bad compensation for the loss of the kickstand. The metallic stand that comes with the case has 4 adjustable nice angles and is of very high quality. It is a stand far more flexible than other average cases you can find in the market, a second best stand I would say just next to the original kickstand. If superb protection (plus great look) with outstanding flexibility is what you need, this is the one you should use.

“Screen cracked from an 18 inch fall. UAG says too bad.” – Jeff R.
Score: 1/5 Source: Amazon.com

The UAG case is great looking. Seemed tough. Until it needed to be. Bought it with my SP3 and thought I was protected. Then last week my SP3 fell 18 inches. Not very far. But instead of being saved by a supposedly Military Grade Spec case, my screen cracked. The touchscreen no longer works with touch. The crack is there and UAG refuses to back up their claims. Here is their response:

“Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Urban Armor Gear Cases are approved by Met Laboratories, Inc., a NEBS Certified testing laboratory. This testing confirms devices protected by UAG cases are compliant with MIL-STD-810G 516.6. To achieve this certification, a device must be dropped from a height of 48 inches, on each face, corner, and back. The device is dropped a total of 26 times and must function properly after the test, while not sustaining any damage to the touch screen or buttons.
While our case is drop tested there are many factors that play a part in protecting a phone, especially the screen that are beyond our control. Should the screen become impacted directly unfortunately the case does not have an opportunity to fulfill its job in protecting the device. This is only one of the many scenarios where the case would not be able to protect the device. Because of these outside factors that are outside of our control unfortunately we do not cover the devices themselves in our warranty. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. ”

Don’t rely on the hype. When it comes down to it, if it won’t save the screen from a basic 18 inch fall, what good is it. The SP3 fell flat. Nothing was there to hit the screen. It just hit the flat floor. And now I need to have the screen replaced. And since I purchased the case at Microsoft, UAG will not take it back. So I have a worthless case and a broken screen. UAG will not stand behind their product. Lots of lame excuses, but no action and no substance. I would say that while the case is designed to look tough, and it does look tough, it will NOT protect your screen in a fall as short as 18 inches. I am very disappointed and very mad. WIll not be buying any UAG products in the future.

“Better than I expected…” – DRich57
Score: 5/5 Source: Amazon.com

Very well made product. Pleasantly surprised that it accommodates the Pro 3’s keyboard with regard to the crease which allows the keyboard to be at an angle – I was prepared to have to use it ‘flat’ as it is with the Pro 2. Also, all buttons and connection ports are accessible. The kickstand on the Pro 3 is covered, but replaced by one on the case itself, but it seems sturdy and has a range of motion that allows multiple angles. Venting does not look obstructed.

The case doesn’t make the device much more bulky, but it is slightly heavier – a trade-off I am willing to make for protection. This case isn’t waterproof, nor does it prevent dust/dirt as it is open in several places and the front of the Pro 3 is open, but it serves well to protect from bumps, short drops and the like. This case, along with a good screen cover (tempered glass perhaps) Should keep a device from most harm. There aren’t many choices for a protective case right now as the Pro 3 is relatively new, this one seems to be the best – in my opinion.