Top Useful Hidden Chrome Features That You May Not Have Known (part 4)

Pin Tabs

If you are working with many tabs at once, need to keep certain ones open, and maybe want to ensure you don’t lose anything, it is better to pin them to Chrome by right-clicking on it and choosing Pin. That will turn the tab into a small icon on the left that will remain even if you close and re-open the browser window.

Change File Download Location

If it is hard for you to find downloaded files on your computer, Chrome helps you be able to designate where they are stored by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Downloads. Under location, click Change.

Drag and Drop Images and Media

Do you want to quickly check out an image or media file? Drag it into Chrome, and it will play the video, show you the image, or let you listen to the music.

Open Specific Pages at Start

If you always open the same pages on the web, Chrome will help you by having them open whenever you fire up Google’s browser. To do so, head to the Settings menu, click On Startup and choose what you want to open on startup: a select list of URLs that open up every time; or the New Tab page; where you left off.

Update Autofill for Easier Shopping

For easy access to credit card and shipping information while shopping online, go to the settings menu, where you will see input payment methods and addresses and more. When Chrome identifies a purchase form, the data you saved here will automatically appear in the drop-down list (you will still need to enter your CVC credit card number). This works and is mobile.

Add a Link to the Desktop

There is a built-in way offered by Chrome to help you add a clickable link to your desktop for later use. To do so, click the three-dot icon in the top-sright corner, and choose More tools > Create shortcut. Then, type in a name in the pop-up window and click Create.