Smartwatches guaranteed to make you healthier

It’s been an extremely big month for smartwatches. Apple recently revealed their latest addition of their Watch, boasting with cosmetic updates and new features, including the FDA-cleared ECG app, fall detection, and irregular heart rate notification. Qualcomm released a brand-new made-for-wearables chip, promising an extended battery life. Meanwhile, Google announced the release of their latest Wear OS, placing your health data at centre stage. Google is also in partnership with the American Heart Association to develop a new health-tracking system through their new Fit app, encouraging users to do more cardio.

Health Is Taken More Seriously

Each of these announcements on their own are noteworthy, but still not ground-breaking. However, collectively they excel in the wearable category that’s has struggled for years to prove its usefulness and feel promising and relevant again. We always knew that wearables had the potential to be exceptional fitness companions and the latest releases indicate that companies are starting to take health more seriously than before. The 2018 smartwatches are finally more than just pedometers as they now provide valuable information such as matching up to activity standards that are recommended.

Google’s and Apple’s alliances with the AHA produced better interpretation of the heart rate data which the Wear OS and Apple Watch devices are continuously collecting. This means they appeal not only to exercise enthusiasts or runners but also a larger audience that is interested in general health.

These incredible devices are ultimately used to detect anomalies with things that essentially stray from our typical pattern. With the new Watch from Apple, this means irregular heart rate or falls. Should you fall and a4re unable to get up, the Apple Watch can even send for help. Apart from general health, the data can also be used when seeing a doctor. Our memories are unfortunately unreliable and therefore a regular record when it comes to our heart rate is far more useful in determining potential problems.

Leading an Active Lifestyle

You can also find value when you use your cardio data to determine your daily activity apart from exercise zones, and sleeping stages like most trackers do. Even though it’s not the only indicator when it comes to your overall well-being, the easiest thing for smartwatches to track is your heart rate. Google is utilising the new Fit to inspire users to develop more active lifestyles by accumulating heart points every week. Therefore, smartwatches are always on the lookout for worrying symptoms as well as becoming increasingly better when it comes to preventive care. This makes the next generation of smartwatches both naggy parents and watchful guardians.

Fitbit recently launched it’s Charge 3 along with a beta trial that utilises blood-oxygen sensors to study sleep disturbances, while Samsung released the new Galaxy Watch offering a feature that ultimately tests your stress levels. With so many new innovative features that continue to make our lives easier and more trackable, it should come as no surprise that more people are seeing the benefit of smartwatches going forward.

Trump Request Apple to Manufacture in the U.S

To avoid the fragmentary dispute between China and the U.S, President Donald Trump suggested that Apple ought to move its manufacturing to the United States, this follows reports that Apple’s products could increase in price.

The Trump administration recently started imposing tariffs on most goods from China, until now what has been left off this list was consumer electronics. It could soon change as soon the proposed list of tariffs could now include products from major companies such as Sonos, Fitbit and Apple. Apple announced that tariffs would aggregate to a tax of 25% on products such as the Apple Mac Mini, HomePod, Apple Pencil, and AirPods as well as others that are shipped to the US and that the cost more likely than not could be passed onto customers.

President Trump urged Apple via Twitter to build their new manufacturing plants in the United States in order to avoid these tariffs, Trump even suggested that there could be no tax, what is not completely clear is if the president meant no tax on the tariff or if he proposed a tax incentive should Apple relocate to the United States.

Could Apple Be Relocating to the United States

Currently, Apple does resemble their Mac Pros in the United States, although most Apple products are constructed in China and in the past year the company invested in Corning $1 billion. Corning is the company that manufactures the glass screens for iPhones. According to President Trump, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO committed to building three manufacturing plants in the US. Apple also would spend hundreds of billions in the future to employ more workers, supply a chain infrastructure and invest in domestic manufacturing. Foxconn, an Apple supplier, also established its headquarters in the US recently, which was ahead of its plans to build a major LCD factory in Wisconsin.

Can Apple Customers Expect Cheaper Products?

Should Apple decide to move to manufacture to the United States, they are guaranteed that they would skip the tariffs, although it is unlikely that its products would be any cheaper. The main reason why China is so attractive when it comes to tech manufacturing is due to the cheaper workforce as well as the plants that manufacture the individual components that are in close proximity to each other.

On the other hand, for Apple it would be a costly affair to move all its manufacturing to the US, there is no doubt that the manufacturing infrastructure move will be costly. Scott Lincicome, a trade lawyer, pointed out on Twitter that it would be more expensive to manufacture iPhone’s in the United States. His comment was citing a report of 2014 that revealed that the cost of iPhone components manufactured in China was about $190 per phone. Should the components be manufactured in the United States, the price massively increases to an estimated $600, and at the time of the report, it would push the price up to around $2,000, which are much higher than what the tariff would increase the price.

How the Gambling Industry is Being Revolutionized By Technology

Do you remember when playing casino games and online slots meant sitting in front of your desktop? How about when mobile gaming was new, and you could only choose between three or four games? Can you remember when virtual reality was only available in Star Trek?

It might be impossible to imagine if you consider what we have today and the success behind it all boils down to the technological advancements within the gaming industry. The internet, along with technology, has completely changed how we live our lives. Casino games provide an easier way to make money online, and they are much more entertaining and fun. Online gambling has grown significantly in the last years, and people are enjoying online slots and other casino games from wherever they want. There’s no longer a need to travel as technology made it possible to enter a virtual world where you can beat the dealer, spin the reels on an assortment of slots, and more.

The software developers within the gaming industry are constantly updating their software through technology, ensuring they provide the best possible gaming experience for players around the world. Regardless if it’s a new video slot title or a different variation of roulette or poker, the advancements in technology ensure that players receive a truly immersive and authentic experience.

Over the last three decades, there have been several advances in the gaming industry thanks to technology. Below we look at the those that improved the gaming industry the most.

Mobile Casinos and the Internet

The internet was the initial breakthrough that promoted the creation of multiple gaming consoles which allowed players to easily connect with other gamers from across the globe. It also paved the way for online casinos to surface that continues to grow stronger. Software developers such as NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming have developed a name for themselves in the casino industry, especially when you look at the quality of their slots.

Games and Software Designers

Software providers such as IGT, Playtech, Microgaming, and others do everything in their power to develop the highest quality content that is currently possible through technology and are always searching for ways to improve on it. These exceptional companies use everything they can to make the games as entertaining and attractive as possible with cinematic HD graphics and unique features such as multipliers, bonus games, free spins, and even massive progressive jackpots.

Virtual Reality

A brand-new experience has recently surfaced within the online gaming industry thanks to the technological advancement of virtual reality. Although the idea has been around for quite some time, it only became available for commercial use within the last few years. The first online casino to provide a virtual experience was only launched in 2016. The technology helps players to experience real live events while sitting at home. Players simply need a VR headset to enjoy an authentic Vegas experience. Virtual reality is completely immersive by providing a three-dimensional experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Tab Gets Very Little Done as A Workstation

You might be thinking: Who on earth still buys an Android tablet? Samsung believes that people who want a fantastic canvas for multimedia along with the multitasking dexterity of a laptop without the additional heft will still be interested in a tablet. The Galaxy S4 was developed to be a workhorse as it features a desktop-like mode, known as DeX that’s essentially built on top of Android.

The DeX mode is supposed to offer a more convenient interface for productivity while still maintaining the incredible entertainment experience that the premium slates from Samsung are known for. The tablet also comes equipped with an S Pen to sketch caricatures or make notes on the go. But in reality, the primary purpose of the Galaxy S4 is to assist you with getting work done. The only problem is, this is one area that you just can’t rely on.

DeX Mode

In theory, a tablet with DeX mode is a promising idea. It was initially introduced as a dock accessory on the Galaxy S8, transforming the Android phone into a monster PC-like machine. You could easily hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and utilise it as a full-desktop experience. However, on the Galaxy S4 tab, DeX is merely a software mode that can be activated in the quick-settings panel or through the taskbar. This makes a lot more sense as you don’t have to connect an additional screen to multitask.

DeX mode basically places a desktop-like interface on the Galaxy S4 tab, complete with a dedicated home screen, systems-indicator tray, and taskbar. You can run up to 20 windows simultaneously. You can also launch any Android app in the environment, but not all of them have been optimised for DeX mode, and therefore the execution is rather lacking.

The Galaxy S4 Tab In Use

There’s a lot of redeeming qualities on the Galaxy S4 tab, especially when you use it to make money online. The addition of a more-rounded S Pen enables various tools like Screen Write, Translate, and Air Command you’ll find on the Note phones. There’s even the Live Message feature included on the tablet. The stylus is fine-nibbed and very responsive.

You will also enjoy the 10.5-inch screen which is bright and sharp enough to work under direct sunlight. The tablet utilises a Snapdragon 835 CPU at its core along with 4GB of RAM. You can also enjoy up to 12 hours of battery life thanks to a bigger 7,300mAh battery. However, for a tablet with a price tag of $650, we expected something far better.


The new Galaxy S4 could have been a marvellous Android tablet if the company didn’t try to achieve too much with it. Samsung hoped to offer a desktop-like interface by including DeX software integration to essentially boost productivity, but it ended up with an extremely finicky interface that is downright unreliable. If the Galaxy S4 was simply an Android tablet with a lower price tag, it would have been incredible. However, it’s just too problematic for what you are paying.

Tech Companies That Help You Make Money Online

Perhaps you need an additional income, or maybe you are simply looking for an opportunity to start a new career during your spare time. Whatever the reason might be, there are several tech companies out there that will assist you to make money online.


It’s no surprise that you can make decent money from your blogs while using Google AdSense. However, there is a less obtrusive way to bring in the dough and that’s where Shoppable comes in. Shoppable is basically like affiliate marketing on a large dose of steroids. It will allow you to develop an e-commerce store in order to sell products through your blog without the need to maintain inventory. Shoppable’s Universal Checkout function also makes things a lot easier to sell over 25,000,000 items from the marketplace available at Shoppable.


There’s no need to be extremely famous to sell a wide range of products via social media. CoFare will give you the opportunity to earn commission from the products you choose to promote on several social media channels. Merchants will essentially register their line of products on the website, and you will receive payment whenever followers or friends purchase. In addition, you can invite businesses to register with CoFare in order to promote their line of products.


Apply is obviously not the first major organisation to provide easy remote work opportunities, and it certainly won’t be the last either. However, with the vast following at Apple, it can offer a phenomenal opportunity to make money online. Apple’s entry level position basically consists of answering support messages and customer service, and even part-time assistance will get you company benefits. What’s even more impressive is that you can climb the corporate ladder instead of just working for an extra income.


If you are interested in trying new products or learning new brands, this will be the perfect opportunity for you. Brands around the world are constantly attempting to create a better user experience on their programs, apps, and websites, and UserTesting is an innovative platform that will pay you to hear your thoughts. To receive payment, you merely need to spend 20 minutes while using the product or site and share your opinions by videoing your process. You will receive $10 for each video you post which enables you to gain $30 per hour online.


People in every corner of the world will always have questions, and thanks to JustAnswer, experts have the perfect opportunity to get paid for answering several of those questions online. Those interested can choose when they want to work and for how long they want to work. All you basically need to do is answer a bunch of questions in real-time as they populate on the system. Payment will obviously vary depending on the topic, including general, healthcare, tech, etc. JustAnswer is considered one of the most profitable ventures to earn extra money, especially if you have several years or experience or an advanced degree in a specific area.

Is Amazon Echo Worthwhile?

Smart speakers are becoming more and more popular due to the advancements in technology. So, when Amazon released the Amazon Echo, it was a near-instant success due to it having voice control capabilities, a sleek design, as well as creating additional competition with the famed Apple Homepod and the Google Home. While the echo was released a while ago, the device has gone through update and revisions, which is just improving the game and creating more competition with other smart speakers.

The 2017 version of the Amazon Echo is great for a plethora of reasons. The major one being that it does not break the bank while being sold for $99.99 on Amazon. It’s another fine addition to the Amazon series of smart devices that can change your home. The 2017 version is an updated version, which has improved sound from the original echo due to the dual-powered speakers, which are powered by the company Dolby, who is pretty impressive. While the sound is impressive, the Amazon Echo is not good enough to replace your sound system in the least, but it is a great way to dip your foot into slowly adding more smart devices into your home.

The original Amazon Echo was released back in 2015, and since then, echo has gone through some significant improvements regarding the looks and the features, which is perfect for people who are looking for a modern speaker that will add some style to your home. This is especially so with the new wood and fabric finishes. One of the only downsides regarding the design on the 2017 Amazon Echo is the lack of having an intelligent and helpful AI. Though this isn’t a huge issue if you’re looking for a smart speaker rather than a speaker with an assistant.

Design and Features

As stated before, the Amazon Echo has gone through a variety of updates, which has given it the unofficial title of being the one Amazon created a digital speaker that looks more modern than overly techy. The design of having a fabric matter wrapped around the sides helps the speaker blend into your home rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Additionally, the new Echo is smaller yet wider than the original, which some may hate or love but it can go without saying that this design change does help the speaker appear to be more studier and minimises the risk of it falling over. Overall, style-wise, many people do prefer it over the original Echo.

Along with the design Alexa, the assistant has gone through her own fair share of updates in the last few years. These skills have made her seem more intelligent and helpful as the voice recognition, and the feedback has gone through significant enhancements such as being able to recommend new music and change the volume of the song in a matter of uttering a phrase. The Amazon Echo is an impressive, small, and powerful device that you should consider.

Free Screen Debut Video Capture

When it comes to free screen recorders there are dozens available for download, most of these, however, are scarred by watermarks, limited export options, bundled junk software, and time restrictions. Created by the developer of VideoPad Video Editor, NCH Software, Debut Video Capture is a welcome exception to the rule.

Debut Video Capture is a free home use video capture option that features everything most users need to capture images from their screen, including several features only offered by the premium software. Debut is not developed or designed to record games, which mostly require an OBS screen recorder that can handle hardware-accelerated programs and full-screen recordings with easy, although for any other recordings it is perfect.

Debut Video Capture Screen Recordings

Debut provides all the options needed when it comes to screen recordings and allow users to capture their entire display, just a custom region or the window selected. Recording allows the show of the curser or can hide it or set to highlight the area highlighted via a click, an extremely handy option when recordings include tutorials or demos.

Once you are all set up either minimise the debut or tap the red button and hit one of the shortcuts such as CTR + F9 or F5 to get recording started, the choice of shortcuts are great and avoid program conflicts. It is possible to record from an external microphone or your PC’s soundcard or even both while there is also support for picture-in-picture, allowing users to overlay that what is recording via their webcam. There is no editing tool included in Debut, although it is possible to apply filters and adjust colours, add watermarks or capitations.

Debut Video Capture Security Systems

Debut capture actions taking place on your screen although it can also record webcam videos and connect to devices such as IP cameras, which is useful for combining recordings. Users can set the recording software from a security camera, capture their PC screens and make sure children behave sensibly. With Debut, you can export recording via WMV, MOV, AVI and MP4 and capture them in JPG or PNG format. Filenames can be chosen according to the destination and mirrored to separate drives which is great for saving data from a network that is attached to a security camera.

Debut Video Capture is So Much More Than Just Looks

It can’t be described as the best-looking interface, and it lacks a bit of gloss although Debut makes up for that in clarity and everything is labelled in a way that is user-friendly and easy to understand. The software of Debut is in Beta so clearly the final release will be a lot more polished. Debut, the design doesn’t count at all what matters is the exceptionally capable software that offers easy recording and storing.

Best Ways to Track Your Children

While the title may lead some to think that article is for helicopter parents, it’s made for an innocent reason. In some cases, your children may get lost while wandering around the park, or even on the way home from school depending on their age. This idea can strike fear into parents as in the past there were not a large number of ways to find your child unless they had a cell phone. While nowadays, it is rare to see a child without one, there are alternative ways to find your children in a speedy, safe, and reliable manner.

Listed below are some of the top rather tracking devices for your children that are non-invasive and efficient.

LG GizmoGadget – $149.99

This device is created for families who use Verizon Wireless as their cellphone provider. This smartwatch is perfect for the younger children as it will allow them to quickly and easily get connected with thier parents by allowing a text option as well as a voice option. It comes in a variety of colours and has a comfortable design which kids will enjoy sporting.

JioBit – $99.99

This tracking device is on the more cost-efficient side. This device is easy to use and only requires a Bluetooth – which serves as a perfect way to measure the distance of how far your child is wandering off. The Jiobit has a small and simple design that is hardly noticeable as it can attach to any piece of clothing, or to a bookbag, and will ping a parent’s phone to show the location.

AngelSense – $99.99

This tracking device is perfect for parents who are extremely worried about having an excited child run off. What makes this tracking device unique is that it was created with the idea of being catered toward children with special needs. It comes with multiple parts that can connect easily to a wheelchair or the child, as well as additional parts which will increase the security.

DokiWatch S – $159.20

The DokiWatch S is perfect for children who can handle having a smartwatch and phone combined into one. It is catered towards families that use AT&T. It has a colourful and comfortable design and a system which will ping a child’s location as well as give the child a way of communicating with the parent.

B’zT Washable Tracket T-Shirt – $39.00

This tracking device is precisely what the name of it says. It’s a t-shirt that will allow parents to track their child. While it has a Bluetooth feature, it isn’t the most functional option as it doesn’t tell you where your child has gone, only how far – which is still just as helpful.

Republic Wireless Relay – $149.00

This tracking device takes the form of a child-friendly walkie talkie which can connect the child with other children as well as a parent. It allows for easy and almost immediate communication as well as GPS tracking abilities. The only downside is that the walkie-talkie cannot call emergency services and won’t provide a geofence to help locate your child.

Web Hosting

Anyone who owns a company or business also need a website and if it doesn’t already then it might be time to consider one. It is only natural that all online businesses do need a website used for selling their products, marketing or offering their services. In the modern age, all businesses require websites and not only online businesses, local brick and mortar companies need to be at the very least traceable via the web as this is the place where people search for services or goods via mobile or desktops. While for many years word of mouth was the best marketing option, it now only gets businesses so far since it is the internet-focussed age.

Everyone uses Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines to search for services, discover new companies and to find new products since the operational hours never end and it’s the perfect way to find the lowest prices. Should your company not appear on any of the search engines, and here we suggest the first page, potential customers and clients will never find you. The fact is no website visibility, no business and no money. Web hosting is not only for companies and could be for an array of reasons.

Find the Right Web Host

Building an online presence starts with finding a web host, which is a company that stores website file on servers and then deliver it via a website to readers as well as anyone browsing for such services or items. Hosting services provide varying amounts of data transfers, email, storage and other features available via annual or month-to-month payments. It is quite important to first read up on web hosting tiers and familiarize yourself with the differences between dedicated hosting, virtual private servers and then take the time to analyse each feature and spec.

In shared web hosting the provider host several or multiple sites via only one or a single server. In this case site, 1 shares the same server as site 2, 3 and 4 and the benefit is that all shared the cost. While this significantly cuts expenses there is a downside since sharing a single server with huge traffic on site 1 could have an impact on site 2,3 or 4’s performances. Dedicated hosting is pricey but powerful, unlike that of several sites sharing, your business website is the only tenant on this server. Dedicated web hosting services you task business owners with handling all technical issues and handling the backend.

Similar to hosting of multiple sites is VPS hosting, although it hosts far fewer websites on each server and each uses its own resources, in which site 1’s traffic has no impact whatsoever on the site 2,3 or 4. People who wish to build their own business or any other site would use WordPress hosting, it automatically handles all the stuff no one wants to such as backend and the owner is not tasked with updating CMS or apps plus automatic backups are enabled.

Samsung UN48JU6500 48-Inch TV with HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar Reviews


  • Refresh Rate: 120CMR (Effective)
  • 42.4 – Inch 300W (6.1 Ch)

Product Reviews

“and the quality is AMAZING. It also has a lot less glare from …” – CS “christos1975”
Score: 5/5 Source:

I am giving this TV a 5 star rating based on quality and price. I really think for this size, this quality, under $1,000 dollars this is a 5 star TV. I did have some issues as other users mentioned on previous posts, but this has nothing to do with the two factors above that I mentioned. Yes I was not able to connect to my WiFi even after changing the encryption method several times and resetting my router and modem, but a short call to Samsung tech support and a firmware upgrade everything worked as a charm. The one thing you should be aware of is the SmartHub. It is not the same as in previous models so do not look for YouTube videos or old manuals. From what I understand, this new version of the SmartHub is based on a new operating system (Tizen) and it looks totally different. Initially very few apps were available, but every day there are new ones popping up. Netflix is now available as is AmazonPrime. I am still waiting on Skype.
Also, before you talk about quality, make sure you watch a real 4K video. I have used the YouTube app to search and play 4K video samples, as well as connected to my laptop that can produce 4K hdmi output, and the quality is AMAZING. It also has a lot less glare from my old Samsung which had a “regular” glass. This one, mounted above a fireplace, and next to a very bright bay window that brings sun in all afternoon, and you still watch TV without having to close the shades. 5 stars all the way … *****
“Great picture, Amazing Value” – delorend
Score: 5/5 Source:

I purchased the 48″ version of the JU6500, To address the wifi issues the other reviewers raised, my TV came with a USB drive and instructions on how to update the firmware and connect to wifi. Very easy, non issue.

Physical appearance 5/5 The tv is very slim, with a semi gloss screen. The tv looks better at night, but reflectivity is pretty low during the day even with windows near the screen. The stand is sleek and minimal. There are several HDMI and USB ports, along with optical sound output.

Apps: 4/5 When I last checked there were over a dozen apps. There was no HBO Go which was disappointing. I do not know if that will be added or not.

Picture Quality 4/5 When I first setup the tv the picture quality looked pretty mediocre. I discovered that this is due to extraneous settings that overprocess the video. Once I adjusted the settings, bluray and over the air channels looked amazing! I will post my settings at the end of this review. FYI, this is a 60hz panel, although I dont perceive any motion issues. Black levels and colors are great. Plus 4k content is gorgeous (netflix, youtube, amazon).

Value 5/5 For $1000 you cannot beat this tv. The next model up, the JU7100 is $500 more and the only really difference is it is a 120hz panel.

Picture mode: movie
Backlight: 8
Contrast: 96
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 0 (only makes image worse. remnant of analog tvs)
Color: 65
G/R: 50/50
Dynamic contrast: off
Black tone: darker
Flesh tone: 0
Color Tone: Warm1
Digital Clean View: High
MPEG Noise Filter: High
Film Mode: Off
Auto Motion Plus: Off (you can turn on if you want,but it turns down the backlight in order to pulse the light to increase apparent refresh rate)

“Good picture, apps still in development” – aquarist
Score: 5/5 Source:

My first impression about this TV wasn’t good. The picture just didn’t look good compared to the 10-year-old HDTV I was replacing. The picture looked washed out and highlights were blown out. I played with various settings and eventually I figured it out: Reducing backlight from a maximum of 20 to around 6 seems to solve the problem. The picture looks good now. TV shows don’t look much better than on 1080p TVs though. Broadcast TV is limited to either 1080i or 720p. Upscaling is supposed to make such content look good on this 4K TV, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.

This is supposed to be a Smart TV, so software quality is the other aspect to evaluate this TV on. The settings menu of this TV is usable, fast and pleasant to use. YouTube and Amazon Instant Video apps are slow to start (about 10 to 15 seconds, which is twice as slow as the $69 AppleTV) but once started they seem to work well. Many apps including Hulu are still in development. The icons are present but when you start the app you get a “Coming soon” message. There is no Netflix app, nor even a “Coming soon” message for it. I am able to watch Netflix through AppleTV, but AppleTV is limited to 1080p.

Overall this TV is probably not worth the price today. But when the software updates become available and as more 4K content become available hopefully I will not regret paying extra for this TV.

Update: Netflix and Hulu have just become available via a software update. All apps work well. (But I had to do “Reset Smart Hub” via the TV’s menu to get the apps to work after the update.) Playing Neflix movies via the app looks very good, and I am also getting good surround sound audio through my receiver (using the Anynet/”Audio Return Channel” feature). I am now happy with this TV, so upping the rating to 5 stars.

“Update Firmware First! Follow All Instructions and You’ll Have No Problems” – FL TechSmith
Score: 5/5 Source:

Outstanding picture and easy to use. Read the instructions to update the firmware before you begin any other setup or configuration. Those having problems appear to be early adopters and those who do not follow instructions. I had absolutely no problems setting this TV up once the firmware was updated.
“Excellent TV for the price and mine has functioned flawlessly …” – Kbo
Score: 5/5 Source:

Purchased this tv and received last weekend. Excellent TV for the price and mine has functioned flawlessly so far. Waited a week to post review since I wanted to give it a run through first. The one negative thing I heard was about motion blur was more noticeable and set my auto motion to custom and got it dialed in. Just watched the new Hobbit movie and no motion blur and not too much Soap Opera effect. Also have streamed 4k and was flawless picture. Amazing! Super happy with my purchase. :). I also upgrade cables from rocket fish to audio quest and it has made a noticeable difference.
“Shame on Samsung” – RFBlake
Score: 1/5 Source:

The 2015 edition doesn’t work with Direct TV’s 4k RVU. Given they supposedly partner with Direct TV, that would have been some good information to know. So I’ve basically purchased a very expensive ultra definition TV that has to run in standard HD mode. In Excusable. Shame on Sansung for selling a product that wasn’t ready for primetime. Samsung told me to check back every week to see if the software update was available to fix. You’d think they’d call me. They offered me nothing. I’ve basically paid $4000 for a $1000 picture.
“Disastrous CEC Implementation” – David
Score: 1/5 Source:

While one might think this TV would be able to play well with devices from other brands, they would be incorrect. From the moment the TV is turned on, it switches my Denon receiver to “TV audio” even though I source my audio directly through my receiver. Once I switch back to TV/BR/AV on the receiver, 60 seconds later and periodically during use, it switches back to TV audio. NOT helpful!! Also when I turn the TV on, one of the CEC signals results in my DTA being completely reset, therefore I have to set my DTA back up EVERY time I turn my TV on!!

While this is a common problem for Samsung televisions with ARC connections, this one is worse: while my previous model would at least switch to TV audio when I used the Netflix app, then released it back to TV upon exit (exactly as it should), this device never switches to TV audio upon activating an app! So while it frequently switches to TV audio during TV/BR/AV usage, it DOESN’T when I actually want it to!!

Additionally, they’ve removed the “universal remote” feature, which is a (mostly) helpful feature which not only allowed the television’s remote to act as a remote for my DTA, it also allowed me to view and program a guide for my cable lineup. This is notably absent in this model, while the guide button is on the remote to make a potential buyer THINK it is present.

Basically, as abysmally as my previous model functioned, this one is worse by far. Unless you plan on switching inputs on your TV (i.e. not using a video pass through/ARC-compliant receiver), I DO NOT recommend this (or really any) Samsung television.

“First I couldn’t connect to the Internet. Had to …” – Wesley Brown
Score: 2/5 Source:

First I couldn’t connect to the Internet. Had to take my tv and set it next to the router and hardwire it. Did the firmware update and could connect to the Internet. Netflix app doesn’t work. Have been on the phone with Samsung for two hours. They blame it on Netflix. Netflix obviously blames Samsung. Taking the tv back. Too many bugs in the less than 24 hours I have owned the television.
I dont understand the bad reviews” – Drop
Score: 5/5 Source:

I bought this TV from Best Buy. I like Samsung TV’s and have owned many in the past, so even after reading all these reviews I purchased this TV. They said that if I dont like the way it looks or performs that I can return it. After playing with the settings for 30minutes it was amazing. There are a few settings that are best to be turned off. Great TV for action movies, PS4 game play. I received a small USB to upgrade the firmware with the TV so had no issues connecting to the internet like most people state.

I am actually very surprised that this TV has bad reviews.

“Upgrade to 4k: Not totally convinced I should have but glad I did” – A. Cox “Artist, Musician, Physicist and Cook”
Score: 5/5 Source:

I purchased this after my 6 year old 52″ 1080p LCD died on me.
It’s about 15lbs or so lighter than my previous model, even given the size increase to 55″. It is thus even thinner and feels a little flimsy. The surface is not glossy but reflection is noticeable in dark scenes during day time viewing, but not terribly so.

I connect directly to the router for best performance and have a 25Mb line. Cable, Roku and PS3 for BluRay (which I have never played a game!) are my main sources. The Roku stays for HBO. Looks like HBO will be here soon, at least Smart TV is advertising the currently unavailable GoT. And I can’t comment on it’s WiFi connectivity.

Initially Netflix wouldn’t work and it appeared to have a problem downloading the latest firmware. However, it did download it and I updated my Netflix subscription to the (limited) UHD service. The fact being that Daredevil, House of Cards and Breaking Bad, plus Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (which I own on BluRay) will keep me occupied for the next few months. It’s takes about 5-6 seconds to load the app.

The interface is nice, I like that I can see detail without having to click on the item highlighted, unlike the Roku! The Amazon interface is nice too.
The ‘Your content’ app, my stuff is stored on a NAS, didn’t stream well at all. I kept getting pauses and then it moaned at my network connection. Never have that issue with my iPad. I’m going to store my content on a USB drive and connect directly. Which I intended to anyway!

I sit about 9 feet from the screen and I can easily say I have no issues with the picture quality: it’s excellent and all content looks better than on my previous TV, though that might be the improvements made since 6 years ago. The App streaming quality is excellent and I’ve experienced no delays or stuttering when viewing Netflix or Amazon UHD.

Lucy: BluRay/PS3 (sort of fun but absurd movie). Mr Freeman’s skin tone was near perfect.
Gravity: BluRay/PS3 Earth looked fantastic
Interstellar: BluRay/PS3 It looks great and the IMAX scenes are well… Stellar, Blacks are black! The space scenes are the best ever put in a movie!
Crouching Tiger: Netflix UHD and BluRay. UFD looks pretty similar to BluRay content, lovely detail and color.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert (excellent and fun Aussie Movie) HD: Amazon Streaming looked good, slight soft, good detail and color.
Good UHD on YouTube is hard to find, mostly static images or badly filmed. There is, however, no doubting the quality of the image though. Some of the TV maker demos are good, but a (good) movie trailer would be nice.

Please note: Netflix suddenly stopped working. In the end I did a hard stop/start and that seemed to solve the problem, for now! I think that if Netflix App is not fully unloaded when switching apps this may sometimes cause a problem.

So in conclusion: I like the TV; a lot. Stunning picture with UHD material. Great detail on lesser material, good features and, excepting note above and the Your Content App, streaming on Netflix and Amazon is very good, better than my much used Roku. However, there’s not much content worth watching, or it’s expensive if buying on Amazon, and given the quality of streaming you’d be better off buying a BluRay player and getting the cheaper disks, but it’s nice to have at least BluRay quality for streaming, and it looks like the latest exclusives from Amazon and Netflix are 4k. So there’s stuff there I want to watch.

And finally, of dear my cable TV HD now looks a little dull!