NETGEAR ProSAFE GS728TP 24-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch 10/100/1000Mbps Reviews

  • 24 auto-sensing Gigabit RJ45 ports + 4 SFP Gigabit Fiber Ports
  • 24 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports including 8 PoE+ (803at) ports, 192w total PoE budget
  • Comprehensive networking features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP and MLD snooping, Static Routing, Link Aggregation, ACL
  • Auto Voice/Video VLAN speed up VoIP and IP Surveillance deployments
  • Easy to use Web management GUI, IPv6 management supported
  • LIFETIME Advanced Tech Support via chat

Product Reviews

“Great PoE Switch” – gray-eagle
Score: 5/5 Source:

The main reason I selected this switch was the energy budget of 192 watts. I did not need half this much but the next size down fell short by about 10 watts. When you first power up, it takes longer than non PoE switches to boot. It has to look at the power demands in addition to IP address and other constraints.

That said, I installed this switch three months ago to connect to and to power multiple wireless access points for a large multi story building. Configuration is accomplished via browser. After several reboots during the configuration it has not been necessary to reboot or in any other way deal with this switch. If I do have to deal with it, it has it’s own IP address so I can log into it remotely.

“Great PoE for the price” – FLI IT Dept
Score: 5/5 Source:

we bought two of these for a new place and they work perfectly. They are connected with a fiber backbone and one of them is connecting and giving power to 12 Cisco access points, the second one connects 6 access points and 6 phones with the PoE.
We couldn’t be more happy about them.
“Switcharama Powerama” – Brian Flores
Score: 5/5 Source:

One of our favorite 24 poet POE switches. Install the crap out of them. Powers polycom phones, Access Points, and IP cameras. And, has 4 SFP GBIC ports. Getcha-sum.
“Another happy Netgear customer” – James Mullen
Score: 5/5 Source:

This is probably overkill for my home network but more and more devices are supporting POE so I justified the upgrade. I have a few cameras and will soon be installing a few POE access points within the next month. As near as I can tell this switch has plenty of capacity for my power needs and I’ve had it running for about a month without any issues.
“Excellent PoE Switch!” – D. Matheny
Score: 5/5 Source:

We have been using a Netgear ProSAFE GS752TP 48-Port Gigabit PoE Switch to power the network and VOIP phones in our office for the last year.

It’s worked extremely well; so, when we expended into a new section of the office, we decided to use this smaller version to expand our network.

Fortunately, the performance of this GS728TP is just as good as the original switch – and our phones and network are continuing to run perfectly.

Here are the things we like about these switches:

1) The performance is excellent. We’re running a total of 21 IP phones as well as computers and servers through these two switches without any hick-ups.

2) They auto-detect whether a device needs power or not, and automatically supply power if needed. There isn’t any problem with running PoE and non-PoE equipment through the same switch.

3) The GUI isn’t perfect; but, it isn’t bad either. I can only access it using Internet Explorer in ‘Compatibility Mode’, so keep that in mind – Chrome doesn’t work at all.

Even though I’m definitely giving the router a well-deserved 5 stars, there are some issues to be aware of:

1) The VLAN stuff isn’t very intuitive, and it’s spread between several different menus – which makes it even more complicated. Even the Netgear support people had trouble figuring out what the settings should be to get it working…

2) This switch absolutely did NOT like Netgear’s own Prosecure UTM-9 Router. Originally, I thought the problem was with the switch; but, we ended up moving over to a Peplink Balance 305 Router, and the problems completely went away. With the UTM-9, our IP phones were almost unusable with this switch; but, they’re working better than ever with the Peplink 305. (We did work with Netgear support on this, but they couldn’t figure out what the problem was either.)

I know this switch is expensive (at least compared to the switch we were using); but, if you’re looking to get good bandwidth, combined with reliable PoE capabilities, I would highly recommend it. This has been well worth the money for us – and we’re able to discard all those irritating power bricks that came with the phones. 🙂

“Quality Unit” – R. Foy “Techsity”
Score: 5/5 Source:

Easy to install and works like a charm…PoE is the way to go! I have 20 IP phones connected no power adapter needed
“Good price on a just what I needed to switch …” – A.P. Henderson
Score: 5/5 Source:

Good price on a just what I needed to switch office over to VOIP using PoE ports which this has plenty of. Also has automatic configuration of vLANs to separate the phones on the network. Very easy setup, no problems.
One minor issue which I’m not deducting for in this review but which should not have happened: there was a slight noise when first powering on the device. I didn’t have time to send it back so, reluctantly, I opened it – which didn’t require breaking any seals. With the cover off it was easy to see that the noise was coming from a wire that had apparently moved during shipping and was interfering with the cooling fan. I rerouted the wire and the noise disappeared.
“Noisy fan” – D. Coral
Score: 4/5 Source:

This switch has some wonderful features but.. the two fans on the side are unusually annoying sounding even when there is no PoE load when no cables are plugged in. It sounds like grandma’s old refrigerator from across the room. Although it’s not super loud, even the “gentle” fan noise becomes rather annoying when it sounds like mini gears turning plus a metallic tunnel sound of a whirring fridge compressor. I didn’t want to risk the noise again, so when I decided on a replacement I went with the Cisco SG300-10MPP which is fanless and has 10 PoE+ ports and super reliable as well.
“The unit was easy to set up and work great” – Staybright
Score: 5/5 Source:

I bought this to provide a central switch for my home ethernet system. The unit was easy to set up and work great. I love the fact that you can see with a glance whether the interconnected units are running at gigabit speeds or not.
The web interface is very intuitive and easy to use as such.
The fans are fairly quiet but I am glad I mounted my rack in the garage. Putting this in an out of the way closet or the garage like I did is the best way to go I believe.
“Works” – Lauren C
Score: 2/5 Source:

Works as described. Sometimes the web interface loads, sometimes it takes a long time to load, sometimes it doesn’t load at all, which is annoying. Interface has a couple confusing sections. For instance, there is no “firmware upgrade” section, you have to “download” the firmware to the switch, then choose the newer image under the “dual image configuration.”