How to Increase Your Character’s Stats in GTA Online

With the PC version of Rockstar Games’s critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V, players new and experienced alike have jumped into the updated world of GTA Online to race, complete missions, rob banks, and interact with other players in the living, breathing city of Los Santos. While veterans of GTA Online can import their console accounts and continue causing mayhem, first time players are still learning the ropes and adjusting to the game’s mechanics.

One mechanic that seems to be surrounded by a lot of confusion is the character skill levels in GTA Online. The stats of Driving, Shooting, Strength, Stamina, Stealth, Flying, and Lung Capacity all play an important role in your character’s development, and raising these skill levels can enhance your character’s performance in online events.


So how exactly do you raise these skills? Simply put, you do activities related to the skill. To increase Stamina, players need to run. To increase Flying, you fly. All of the character skills will increase naturally as you play the game. The best way to level your skills is to simply enjoy the game and have it come naturally.


However, the best way of doing something isn’t always the fastest. GTA Online is designed to be a game that offers hundreds of hours of entertainment, and attempting to naturally increase your character’s skills can take quite some time. Luckily, there are strategies to speed up the process so you can enjoy the benefits of high skill levels early on in the game.


How to Increase Strength in GTA Online

Strength is the amount of damage your unarmed and melee attacks do. Additionally, with a higher Strength skill, players can climb ladders faster, increase performance in sport mini games such as Tennis and Golf, and reduce damage received.


  • Strength is increased by 1% for every 20 punches that inflict damage


A good way to level this skill fast is to either visit Grapeseed Farms and repeatedly punch cows or have a friend sit in a car while you punch it. In total, players must land 2,000 punches to completely max the Strength skill.


Players looking to naturally increase their Strength skill can play sport mini-games and use physical combat during gameplay.


How to Increase Stamina in GTA Online

Stamina is the ability to run, jump, and swim without stopping to catch your breath. Players who have a low Stamina skill may find their characters running slow due to fatigue and possibly losing health due to overexertion. Maxing out this skill will allow the player to sprint, swim, and cycle indefinitely.


  • Stamina is increased by 1% for every 17 yards your character runs or cycles
  • Stamina is increased by 1% for every minute your character swims


The fastest way to level your Stamina skill is to buy a cheap bicycle on the internet and ride it around town, as players move faster when on bikes and therefore can cover more ground faster. Maxing this skill requires you to cover 1,700 yards or about 5,100 feet.


How to Increase Stealth in GTA Online

Stealth is a very handy skill to master, as it allows you to remain invisible on the minimap during deathmatch and other game moves. While in stealth mode, players can also perform takedowns on other players.


  • Stealth is increased by 1% for every 40 yards the player sneaks
  • Stealth is increased by 1.5% for every successful stealth takedown performed


The fastest way to level this skill is to hook a rubber band up to a controller and allow your character to sneak in a circle whilst you do something else.


How to Increase Flying in GTA Online

The Flying skill allows you to pilot aircraft more effectively. A high level Flying skill will make it easier to land and takeoff, manage turbulence, and performing maneuvers in the air.


  • Flying is increased by 1% for every 10 minutes that you pilot an aircraft
  • Flying is increased by 1% for every bridge you fly under
  • Flying is increased by 3-5% for every gold medal earned in Flight School


The fastest way to increase your Flying skill is to play the Flight School missions and aim for gold medals. These missions will give you an initial boost in the Flying skill. From there, simply fly your aircraft under bridges repeatedly until you max it out.


How to Increase Shooting in GTA Online

The Shooting skill aids the handling of all firearms, essentially making them more accurate. Players who max out the Shooting skill can expect a considerable increase in gun accuracy. The skill has no bearing on reload speed.


  • Shooting is increased through inflicting damage with guns
  • Shooting is increased through inflicting headshots
  • Shooting is increased by 3/2/1% for every gold/silver/bronze medal earned from Shooting Range Challenges.


The fastest way to increase your Shooting skill is to invite a friend to the Ammu-Nation Shooting Range and repeatedly play the challenges. This must be done with another player, as playing the Shooting Range by yourself does not reward a skill increase.


How to Increase Driving in GTA Online

The Driving skill affects car and motorcycle handling, as well as handling of airborne cars. Players with a maxed out Driving skill can expect an easier time handling vehicles at high speeds.


  • Driving is increased by 1% for every second your vehicle is airborne
  • Driving is increased by 2-3% for every stunt jump completed.
  • Driving is increased for driving vehicles without colliding with other objects
  • Driving is increased for driving in oncoming traffic without colliding with other objects


The fastest way to level the Driving skill is to complete all 50 stunt jumps. In addition to the skill increase rewarded for completing the stunt, you will also gain a skill increase for every second your car is airborne.


How to Increase Lung Capacity in GTA Online

The Lung Capacity skill affects how long your character can remain underwater before he begins to lose health.


  • Lung Capacity is increased 1% for every minute spent underwater
  • Lung Capacity is increased for practicing yoga (mini-game)
  • Lung Capacity is increased for diving


There is no preferable way to level this skill. Due to the limited activities in which this skill gains experience, the only real way to level up your Lung Capacity is to swim underwater and practice yoga.


How to Increase Max Health in GTA Online

While not directly listed as a skill, you can increase your character’s maximum health level as you level up. Max health increases by 20 points every 20 levels, requiring players to take part in the various activities around Los Santos.