DX Racer Formula Series Gaming Chair Review

The absolute worst thing about using the computer for long periods of time is the fact that you are often sitting in an uncomfortable, cheaply made computer chair. And the numbers don’t lie. Over 75% of computer users admit that they overlook buying a proper chair when budgeting their office or computer room. But think about it, doesn’t it make sense that, if you are planning on spending long periods of time working or gaming on the computer, you should at least invest in a comfortable chair that won’t lead to back problems down the road?

Finding a computer chair that is both a good value and provides superior comfort is sadly not an easy task. There are a ton of options out there, and let’s face it, picking out a computer chair isn’t the most exciting thing to do. Most of the time, people want to make a decision without spending a long time trying out chairs. If you are looking for a new computer chair, then why not try out the DX Racer computer chair?

The DX Racer is an ergonomic gaming chair that is super comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. Commonly used in eSports tournaments and popular among online videogame streamers, the DX Racer is designed for extreme comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. But that doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive to gamers. Anyone who spends a long time on the PC every day is a part of DX Racer’s demographic. While it might be quirky to bring one into the office, many serious business people who work from home have furnished their offices with this chair, noting its ergonomic design and affordable luxury.

The DX Racer is made from high-density cold cure foam that molds to your body shape, making it comfortable for sessions of eight hours or longer. With its durable build and super comfortable eight-position armrests, the Formula Series of DX Racer computer chairs remain incredibly stable. And with the ability to recline the back of the chair all the way back to 180°, this chair fits just about any occasion.

These puppies can recline up to 180°

The DX Racer Formula Series chairs all go through strict quality assurance testing. Requiring a passing grade on over 72 quality tests, you can rest assured that your chair meets the highest standard of comfort and luxury. And the reviews don’t lie. On Amazon, 485 user reviews have averaged about 4.4 out of five stars, with reviews specifically stating the high level of comfort that these chairs provide. Each goes on to praise a superior build quality and amazing ergonomic design.

The DX Racer Formula Series Computer Chairs are designed to resemble bucket style racing seats. They are sure to catch an eye, as well as receive multiple oohs and aahs for many patrons willing to try out its reclining functionality. While the chair itself weighs about 57 pounds, it supports up to 265 pounds, and it remains stable the entire time. Best of all, the chairs come with sets of cushions near the neck area and back arch area to meet maximum comfort requirements.

If this doesn’t look comfortable to you, we don’t know what will.

There is one problem though. These chairs are so comfortable that you will not want to get out of them. We aren’t joking. These chairs were built for at least eight hours of sitting per session, and they’re so comfortable that you will likely want to fall asleep in them. And you can. Since they recline 180°, many users report taking naps in them against their will. In fact, we have a few in our office, and since they’ve arrived, our staff of been working longer hours due to the fact that they don’t want to get up.

Will they certainly aren’t ideal for every situation, DX Racer Formula Series gaming computer chairs are great value for the amount of comfort and luxury you will receive. If you spend long hours on the computer, working or gaming, then this chair is a fantastic option for you.